Bagagetransport på Marskstien

Du kan bestille transport af dine kufferter i forbindelse med din vandring på Marskstien. 

The price has been calculated so that a transport costs a basic fee of DKK 100.00 per Transport + DKK 10.00 per km + DKK 20.00 per suitcase.

This means that if you, for example, are a group of 4 people going from Marskhotellet to Tønderhus, the calculation looks like this: DKK 100.00 + DKK 127 + DKK 80.00 = DKK 307.00

Important when packing

Remember the name of the luggage. Each piece of luggage must weigh a maximum of 11 kg.

Luggage transport is easy and clear. Every morning, when you check out after the night, you leave your luggage behind.

We will bring it safely to the next accommodation.